Customer Data

 Thomas Analytics, LLC

Customer Data

  Thomas Analytics is committed to utilizing customer data to provide critical insight into helping a business grow.


  • Expand revenue options by following data trends that customers provide.
  • Reduce expenses by analyzing data to see where customers are not participating.
  • Provide surveys to see what customers really think about a business.
  • All customer data is confidential and stored in separate/offline/encrypted databases

Markel S. Thomas

  • Over 20 years of experience in Information Technology in Corporate America.
  • 16 years of experience as a volunteer entrepreneur helping clients with various system consulting needs. 
  • Over 20 Certifications in Information Technology from Industry Leaders :
  • 13 Certifications in Linux Operating Systems from SkillSoft
  • 9 Certifications in Mainframe Technology from TechKnowledge and Verhoef
  • 1 Certification in Data Analysis from Columbus State University
  • Programming Languages : Shell Scripting/ Perl/ Python/ R
  • Licensed - Federal/State/Local